Studio Rental

If you’re looking for the most technologically advanced studio in Dallas, you’ve found the spot. III Entertainment offers the most up to date, cutting-edge recording and editing equipment alongside an expert staff of producers and directors ready to help take your music, voice-over, or motion picture project to new heights.

At III Entertainment Studios we push towards giving you the best recording experience with the highest quality outcome. Audio is our life, music is our passion! Let us help you get that chart-topping sound! Produce your next hit record here!


High Quality Recording

High quality recording equipment in the hands of knowledgeable recording engineers makes a difference and can save you money on the production down the line.

Professional Mixing

Make sure your song reaches its full potential. Let one of our mix engineers ensure your record is professionally mixed to industry standards.

Pristine Mastering

Once your project is mixed, we can also provide mastering services for a competitive final radio-ready product, ensuring to provide the sound you are seeking

Hit Song Writing

Our in-house publishing company can provide one of our extremely talented songwriters to pen your next single! Or choose from our catalog of exclusive unreleased material.

Music Production

Purchase beats from our catalog or have one of our talented producers custom make you a beat.

Post Production

Our engr/producer can handle creating advertisements for radio and television, including sourcing and recording voice-overs, SFX, writing copy, and producing jingles.